A Place To Give Your Pre-Loved Clothing A New Home...

Bring in your old or unused ethical clothing (any brand that we stock) and we’ll re-sell it to a new loving home.

Receive store credit for bringing in re-loved clothing, or have us donate your credit to organisations doing great things!

All profits and donated credit from re-loved will be given directly to organisations creating positive change in our communities and the international textile industry, that align with our Nursery Shop values of freedom, sustainability, environmental care and ethical business. See our Ethical Fashion Statement for more info. 

Re-Loved clothing can’t be returned or exchanged if you change your mind or you’re not happy with your purchase.

We aim to make this process as open and transparent as possible, so you know what you are buying, and who your helping.

You win, the new owner wins, the community wins, and the earth wins...

As an ethical clothing retailer, we think we should take responsibility for the full lifespan of the clothes we sell.

Not only do we care about who made our clothes, but we also care about what happens to them once you’ve finished with them.

The world doesn't need any more waste, and we don't want to generate more problems for our children, and their children, and many further generations down the line. We also think this approach should be the new normal for clothing retailers.

Especially those dedicated to sustainability. It's not okay to just ignore the flow-on effects of the things you sell anymore.

The options for dealing with old clothing are currently limited, possibly because it's easier and more profitable to focus on the pretty, shiny new clothes rather than tackling the more difficult problems of waste. The global clothing industry is full of outrageous over-consumption of fast fashion and little thought is given to the consequences.


 It doesn't have to be like this...

Re-loved is just one part of our ongoing commitment to making positive, sustainable change

by helping to build a circular economy of clothing.

How Re-Loved works: Credit or Donation.

Donate your item of clothing to us, we will then credit you with £2.50 to which you can donate directly

to our choosen organisation, or instantly recieve £2.50 in store credit to spend how you wish. 

We will then re-sell that item in store and further donate all profits from re-selling it to our choosen organisation.

Must be in a good to new used condition, Store Credit per item £2.50

(Sorry, no undies, socks, tights, swimwear).

Stock levels and donations are limited at the discretion of the store.

There's more to come! So please stick with us as we begin our new journey.